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I am Melika Alipour Leili, an Experience Designer with a background in Industrial Design and Design Research. I work with tech and innovation labs to create novel digital experiences for the web, Apps, and consumer electronics. I also moonlight as a speculative designer, experimenting with unconventional design mediums such as theater, game, and illustrations. 

I believe in a design that is in relation to its ecosystem, therefore I constantly experiment with co-design frameworks to reflect all stakeholders' voices on the solution.

My latest stop has been in Singapore, where I work with the Grab team but I previously have worked and lived in Tehran, Rochester, New York, and San Francisco.



Over the course of the past 7 years, I have had the honor to work as a UX designer in the fast-paced and innovative environments. From  Samsung Research America to Grab, I have focused on creating the best digital interactions for end-users in each cultural setting. Below are some examples of launched products that I have contributed to.

first vertical TV
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As a design researcher, I am interested in using the design process in different capacities to provide unconventional solutions for wicked problems. My main focus is on social innovation in relation to technology and its implications. Below are some of my independent projects over the years.  

The River Speaks: nonhuman in the classroom
The River Speaks is a curriculum for high schoolers, focused on a speculative future where rivers have recognised agency.

William Randolph Hearst Scholarship for Parsons’ socially responsible art/design projects of the year, 2017 (Winner), Core77 design award 2018,
Iron A Design Award 2019
Middle Table
What's the role of design to challenge the human-nature dichotomy toward an ecocentric future?

-12th International Design and Design History Symposium (Presented)
-VergeNYC (presented)
Driverless Governance
What if governance becomes driverless?

Recognitions: Design for Next conference(presented),

Design Journal(Published-Forthcoming), 

Creative Application Magazine (Featured)
Turing mugs
How might anthropomorphized objects change our relationship with non-humans?
New Americans
What if the transition to a new citizenship make people more financially powerful?

Recognitions:National Immigrant Integration Conference (presented)
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