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Family Hub

Role: UX Designer

Team: IoT innovation Lab (Samsung Research America)


Addressing the issue of food waste and lack of meal management tools for families, Family Hub was designed as a smart fridge that helps users to control their meal-related activities on a single platform. This smart fridge provides the convenience of staying connected to your kitchen even when you are not at home.

My role in this project was to come up with features for the first smart fridge to ease meal management for multi people households. As an interaction designer, I was as well responsible to communicate concept details with the engineering team.


Family Hub 1.0 was released in CES 2016.

Wireframe and Interaction flow

I worked on creating both on-screen and offscreen interaction spec to define the best flow between different censors embedded and the screen UI elements.

Melika_ What is interaction design_.014.
Melika_ What is interaction design_.015.


Proximity sensors on the fridge turn the proximity screen on when the user walks into the kitchen. The proximity screen gives a summary of notes, events, and inventory items to the user.

Camera and companion App

The user may connect to their fridge and view cameras inside the Family Hub App on their smartphones.

Personalized Experience

Based on the smart inventory the fridge will recommend recipes for lunch/dinner.

The Final Outcome

This version of family hub became the foundation for the following versions that have been released since 2015

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