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Role: UX Designer

Team: Samsung Visual Display Team (America)


I was tasked to redesign the Smart View App experience. Based on the feedback and findings from interviews with Smart View app and Samsung Smart TV users, we found the following as the main pain points to address. 


1. Need for a simple transition

TVs are used for consuming different media including music, picture, and game. Users are looking for contextual controls to simplify the interaction.

2. Multi-access point for controlling

Users are having trouble locating their remote control plus they enjoy having the option of managing contents outside the TV room as well.

3. Uninterrupted content search

Users were looking for a way to search for media content without interrupting what is playing on the TV (double screen behavior).

The Process

My role in this project was to work on creating the architecture and flows that can give the comfort of using a remote on the touchscreen. I explored multi concepts for each control UI using both digital and physical rapid prototypes to consolidate the final design.

Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 8.49.51 PM.png

Integrated UX

In order to create an optimal experience for the user controlling different media through Smartview UI, the App content drives the control UI. 

The Outcome

 The Samsung Smart View app lets you enjoy content stored on your mobile and PC easily on your Samsung Smart TV, as well as letting you control the TV with your mobile.


Smart View was released in CES 2017 and in 2018 the experience was merged with the current Samsung Connect App. 

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